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Starting your own business can be a daunting task, even more so when the business is all about providing service. Here you need to concentrate not just on your business but more importantly about providing the right kind of service.

When starting business services like a ‘house cleaning business’ the key is to start small. You can slowly grow and carve a niche for yourself, just like Simplymaid. Until then take baby steps. Here is a simple guide that will help you get your business services a kick start.

The first client: Most commonly, before hiring people will ask about your experience. Here it is better; to be honest, and say you are new. But confidence is the key here, tell the clients that you are confident of carrying out the services to their satisfaction.

Get references: For this, you might have to provide the cleaning service to friends and family for free or even discounted prices. Though this isn’t good for the business, it certainly will help you get references and good testimonials.

Charge appropriately: Charging too low would give an impression of substandard work, or too high obviously would shoo clients away. Charge market rates, and decide whether you wish to charge by the hour, per room or flat rates before you start out.

Hire within your means: Until your business grows it is best to maintain minimum employees, not more than a couple of part-time maids. This keeps your budget in check.

Trust is important: The first thing clients need is trustworthy staff cleaning their house. Make sure you insure your maids as well as sign a security bond with them and also get their background checks done thoroughly. So both parties feel safe.

Use quality products: This is crucial, most often clients expect the cleaning equipment to be yours unless they have special equipment for special parts. Make sure you use good quality products that can do the job well.