Why I Choose Ysl Over TheRest


I am not brand conscious at all:

It has been years since I have shopped by brands. My shopping expeditions are long drawn not because I like to hop in to luxury brands and fuss over the buckles and the belts but because I give functionality of the bag my top priority and once that is set, I am done.

Everyone dreads to accompany me:

When I am shopping outside and more particularly for my bags and shoes, my family and friends seem tosuddenly disown me. They dread spending long hours at the showrooms while I preen through the display with an x ray vision and try to pick the one- the best one that would suit me and my need!

My friends have been coaxing me to convert to ysl:

A lot of friends who work in the fashion industry and who know my rhetoric with shopping have been long coaxing me to start converting to ysl bags because each bespoke bag is made with the working woman in mind. What usually follow are explanations about the nitty gritty and the extra pockets and the best buckles and the most spacious blah-blah!

But I was not really convinced. So, this time I actually made it to the store. And surprisingly, I instantly liked one! Generally, there is only one bag that I like from the entire collection but here I liked all of them. The color palette was just perfect and the ysl bags with black straps were so elegant that they could up your oomph quotient by a hundred and ten percent.

I am so glad I tried:

It happens sometimes that you choose to ignore your friend’s recommendation but I think they merit credit. Guys, just rush to the nearest store and check out the season’s collection. I am sure that if someone as finicky as me can find their dream bag then anyone in this world can!