Easy Ways to Clean Your Carpet On Your Own

Carpet care can be easy:

Every home owner wishes to have a clean and grime free carpet area. But the opposite is actually true. The carpet is also one place where the maximum grime accumulates and sits for days and even months.

Cleaning your own carpets need not be a hassle:

We know that when you have to displace heavy furniture and also let time for the carpet to dry, you can feel hassled and not want to do it as often as it is desirable. But with a little planning and a little perseverance you can fix those coffee and crayon stains on the carpet without paying exorbitantly to the carpet cleaners.

Here is some advice on cleaning your carpet:

  • Sprinkle and clean

If you do not have the carpet cleaning powder that is store bought you can use baking soda instead. Just sprinkle the powder over the entire carpet area and leave it overnight. The powder will stick with the grime and also reduce the odor. The next morning you can vacuum the powder and find that there is at least a fifty percent reduction in the grime that was built u on your carpet albeit even the grime that was not visible.

  • Using the carpet cleaning shampoo

If you have bought a carpet cleaning shampoo in a bid to do it yourself, you must first of all read very attentively the instructions on the label. Some shampoos may need to be diluted. You must make sure to perform a path test in an inconspicuous place where it is not noticeable to check for the color fastness of the carpet.

The shampoo must not be excessively poured because it can have the carpet to wet to use in a short time. The shampoo needs to be brushed well and dried and then a vacuum is pressed in to service that will remove the dried up shampoo.