Hotel is frequently a central feature of relaxation of comfort. While planning a visit to a hotel various parameters are to be carefully evaluated. Cleanliness, ambience and service, food and drinks, and the lighting. Light in a hotel is an ultimate key to success.

Lighting in a hotel accentuates the interior design and the architecture. It is a welcoming option by showcasing the decor of the hotel. Lighting in a hotel is a complex entity as the various areas in hotel are to be lit in a different manner apt to serve the purpose. There is a range of hotel lighting available to give the guest a wonderful comfortable experience.

The reception area is the face of the hotel. It speaks to itself in many ways. It is a greeting and welcoming area. This area should be very well illuminated. The high power chandeliers and illuminated ceiling with false ceiling creates a warm welcoming atmosphere and adds to the cheer. The reception desk should be well lit. It should not be very bright. The counter is lit to draw attention of the guest as he enters the lobby.

The restaurant should be of dim light with pool lights which are attractive. The bars and lounges are lit by table lamps or any other soft lights which make the area attractive. Small focal lamps too can be used.  The conference rooms should be well illuminated with light from the ceiling. The rooms should not be very bright. Separate lighting in the room is not required as the various areas of the rooms are provided by separate lights. The bathrooms should be bright with vapour proof lights. The lights should have a covering too.

The staircase in the hotel should have good lights, either along the wall, or beneath the rail, or overhead lighting. This is to prevent accidents. The corridor should have enough lighting and not be dark.