Here Is How I Started My Sports Equipments Business

I was a sportswoman in college:

The year I finished my college, I was already seeing Sam. Sam and I were due to have our first baby and Sam was very clear that he wanted to do further studies. So, reluctantly, my education and ambition had to take a back seat. I wanted to wait till John was old enough for me to take a plunge back into career.

Sam was doing very well at college and expected to get a wonderful breakthrough. Everything was going perfect. One fateful day, Sam met a fatal accident on his way to the college. The truck that collided with his car rammed his car to a stationery car on the road. Our whole life had come to a crashing halt!

John and I were left all to ourselves. We had a little saving and I knew it was not enough for us to even tide over another six months. I knew I could not afford to go out to work, not just yet because John’s emotional quotient was my prerogative. I wanted to be able to spend most of my time with him to make him feel secure.

I decided to open an online store for sports equipments:

The idea came to me when I was browsing an internet store. Incidentally, I got my son a pair of Parkour shoes from here.  Owning an online store had advantages in terms of less overheads and being able to spend time with my son.

Thank you Jesus, the effort was a success. Soon, I was having enough customers to be able to sail through smoothly. The online store has been my bread and butter and now ten years down the line and with the expansion in the product range we retail, it has seen a huge leap. John helps me with the supply and order logistics and I must say he is as meticulous as his father!