The Truth About Hair Loss Treatment Business

Hair loss is an invariable part of human life that can have innumerable physical, psychological and emotional effects. While for men, hair loss is looked upon as a general that does not take much away from them but for women, baldness can indicate an end of things. This invariably makes women more vulnerable to hair loss treatments. They are seen spending time, money and energy on treatments that claim to be very effective but are often found to be worthless.

Do these treatments really work?

Did you know that the hair loss treatment industry has a net worth of $3.5 billion. It is as big an industry as the one that caters to cold and flu medication. This explains how widespread the issue of baldness is and how many people are concerned about it. The industry plays upon the emotions of the people and profits are generated from these vulnerabilities.

However, it is even more interesting to note that these treatments or miraculous cures are often found to be encouraging normal people with no hair loss issues to question themselves. It is also surprising to note that affordable hair transplants that work are hardly available.

The advertisements and the campaigns question normal every day hair fall that leads more people to start worrying about the health and quality of their hair. There is a particular amount of hair fall that happens on a regular basis and it is absolutely normal to have it but these businesses lead women to think otherwise. This is also called ‘creating a need’ that does not exist.

What can be done instead?

You will be appalled to know that 90% of these treatments won’t work. These are traps that men and women fall into and one of the prime reasons that these hair loss treatment businesses are gaining mileage. It is important to be able to differentiate between the fake ones and the effective ones.